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  1. I was a little bit to fast - E-Mail works but no attachments because uuencode was missing. I downgraded my pineapple to 2.5.4 - and now everything works fine. It seams that 2.6.x is a little bit buggy 😞
  2. After searching for a while, I found the solution. ssmtp wasn't installed on my pineapple. After installing and configuratiing ssmtp it works. I'm a little surprised that ssmtp is not installed by default.
  3. I have a pineapple tetra with firmware 2.6.2. I tried to configure e-mail reports but it doesn't work. Hence i tried to debug the e-mail reportin. In /pineapple/modules/Reporting/files/reporting i changed in line 30 the output redirection to a file. The logged error i got is: /pineapple/modules/Reporting/files/reporting: line 30: ssmtp: command not found I tried to find the ssmtp command, but i couldn´t find it on my pineapple.
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