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  1. yes i get all that but what i am saying is when i go to download the inject.bin it says that error. But i did find the inject.bin in my downloads and i put that on my micro card and then switched it to my rubber ducky, but just the red LED light also, on some videos people show that their micro card already has an inject.bin saved on it. But i did the format delete step, but my micro card had a totally different file on it. But now when i plug in my micro card usb the computer will not even recognize it as a usb. I downloaded the duck firmware, duckencoder, java ducky encoder.zip and nothing. I appreciate the feedback and any help.
  2. I am following the directions I believe, it would be so helpful if anyone could respond to what I am doing wrong. go to ducktoolkit.com click user scripts on top toolbar click on script name "windows password change, 2 sec" script pulls up and i click encode payload and then hit OK click download inject.bin once i click that, it downloads bottom left of screen, i click that and i get this error message " This file does not have an app associated with it for performing this action. please install an app or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default apps settings page. So I click OK on error message and then nothing I tried going around this because I could still find the inject.bin in my downloads section but it didn't end up working when i tried to download it on micro and then plug in rubber ducky PLZ help or any advice is much appreciated.
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