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  1. Thank you mate! BTW, do you know if i can plug multiple cards to a pi board? or I should get a pi board per card (aka per network)?
  2. I was thinking about it as well. However I'm not a wifi expert and I'm not sure how "strong" the signal a raspberry pi can make to be an effective evil twin. Do you (or someone else here) have some experience with that? Thank you!
  3. Another clarification - this is for a legal project (security simulation).
  4. About point 4 – if the device can only create 2-3 networks – it can be acceptable if I can manage several devices from a one “master” device \ mini-computer \ raspberry pi.
  5. Hi, I’m new to the wifi world and I’m looking for a device that: 1 – can be a wifi hotspot 2 – have a strong wifi transmitter (for evil twin) 3 – can start (and stop) wifi network with provided ssid, name, ip (for evil twin) 4 – can start multiple wifi networks (multiple evil twins) – at least 5 5 – I can do all the above using python code (no user interface, no c++) So, dose pineapple fits my needs? If so, where should I start? If not, can you recommend other devices? Thanks!
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