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  1. I have a bash bunny that has not been used in about 5 months. I pulled it back out and it wouldn't allow access via arming mode. I preformed the reset according to the instructions, I see the red/blue flashing lights that go on for about 3-5 minutes. When completed I am getting the following blink code with the device set to arming. Green Solid Red Blue Red Blue Red Then it appears to reset itself and goes back to the initial Green light again. I have tried the recovery process on both a windows 10 as well as a mac system and I am getting the same results, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I have a Packet squirrel that I have not used in about 5 months. I picked it back up and tried to get it running and I am unable to access it in arming mode. Fails on arming mode boot. Green Fast Blink Green Slow Blink Green Solid Cyan Solid Red Slow Blink I have attempted to recover the firmware by the recovery site and that has even ended in a Red Slow Blink. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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