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  1. well true because even though I did need this command, in that network it would not have helped nor shown results, its funny that the enemy Mac address only showed up in the switches Mac tables and not in the cradle point E3000...
  2. is there a command/method for searching for a single enemy Mac address to reveal its IP like arp -a but searching by Mac address? maybe in Nmap?had a crappy tp link switch that was broadcasting DHCP as a false gateway at the same IP as the real gateway and it did not show up in arp -a scans, it did show up in the mac-address-table of the switches (really nice dymec switches).we had to do a manual human search of the entire facility to locate that little *******, so i guess I want to know if there was a better way to reveal more info.also if i did know the mac address of something and wanted to know its ip address without looking through the entire arp -a result is there a command to filter results to the single mac address? man arp was not too helpful..
  3. QUACK STRING "curl -s | osascript -l JavaScript &disown" this worked.
  4. QUACK STRING curl -s | osascript -l JavaScript &disown can it do a pipe?
  5. ok, I did that. I guess my real question is why isn't my pipe being used? QUACK STRING curl -s | osascript -l JavaScript &disown can it do a pipe?
  6. RUN OSX terminal is not working. how do I resolve this. Ive seen posts on reformatting udisk but have found no documentation on that.... any advice? has anyone ever successfully used RUN OSX terminal??? version 1.0_167
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