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  1. hello im having an issue with the latest firmwre too on both my pineapples , the tetra and the nano the tetra keeps hanging and non responsive upon running recon scan, and site servey isnt extracing the content from the scan, when i refresh the page and try it again same thing, its blank. and for my nano the sd card isnt reading at all its a new sandisk 16gb once in and the nano is fully booted i formated the sd and installed modules after doing a reboot the nano desides not to read the card, i tried multiple times reseting the device and tried again, still same results. i am also expiereincing the same issues that others has posted with depenedencies not being installed on both the nano and the tetra
  2. i have installed the community eddition of cloud c2 on my pi and everything is working ok but when i start the setup within the browsers it asks for a licence, how do i obtain one for the community edition?? thanx
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