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  1. On 8/14/2019 at 8:15 AM, jrea said:

    Updated to the new firmware yesterday, now having a lot of issues. For some reason everything is really laggy, going through different tabs takes a weird amount of time. Trying to install dependencies doesn't work, I saw the modules will need updated, that's understandable. But for some reason now rebooting or shutting down the pineapple doesn't work half the time, like its frozen, and the blue flashing light is a very dim yellowish/green color that just flashes quickly once I get logged in. Idk what the problem is, seems like the update really screwed my pineapple up. 

    I am having the same issue. I received my Nano on Thursday last, upgraded to 2.6 and found the unit unstable (recon, not completing. ssh session laggy). Down graded to nano-factory.bin Factory Recover image then re-upgraded to 2.5.0 > 2.5.4 and found the system to be really unstable/unresponsive. Down graded again to Factory Recovery image > 2.6 better stability but, PineAP process won't run, USB WiFi wlan2 un-recognized and I am unable to successfully run wp6.sh as the script endlessly searches for the WiFi Pineapple. Is there a support site that I can open a ticket to get my specific issues resolved? Aside from completing a Factory Reset / Factory Recovery what else can I do to fully clear the Nano and start from scratch - so to speak?

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