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  1. I am using the ALFA AWUS036ACM currently on v1.1.0 Beta2 and it works great. Also love the new UI. I see lots of 5GHz networks.
  2. I am a diehard TitanFall 2 fan. But the number of cheaters on it anymore is amazing. It is still fun tho...
  3. I am having the same issue. I received my Nano on Thursday last, upgraded to 2.6 and found the unit unstable (recon, not completing. ssh session laggy). Down graded to nano-factory.bin Factory Recover image then re-upgraded to 2.5.0 > 2.5.4 and found the system to be really unstable/unresponsive. Down graded again to Factory Recovery image > 2.6 better stability but, PineAP process won't run, USB WiFi wlan2 un-recognized and I am unable to successfully run wp6.sh as the script endlessly searches for the WiFi Pineapple. Is there a support site that I can open a ticket to get my specific issues resolved? Aside from completing a Factory Reset / Factory Recovery what else can I do to fully clear the Nano and start from scratch - so to speak?
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