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  1. Also is anyone else having issues with site survey? I click start the process but it won’t capture the handshake, the WiFi Pineapple nano loses internet connectivity And I get weird one letter names at the bottom where the attacked networks are supposed to be. I’ll upload a screenshot when I get home. I am on 2.6.1.
  2. Thank you so much for everything foxtrot! Any word on when the remaining modules are due for a fix?
  3. Hello everyone, I am trying to install the WIFI Pineapple Nano to kali Linux (live usb persistence) and I am running into an issue. The issue is where I have the wp6.sh file, I run it and start guided setup. I specify the default gateway(not sure if I’m doing this right) and specifying wlan0 for my internet. It then asks me to plug in my WiFi Pineapple nano and then states “detecting WiFi Pineapple” and it just continues waiting even though the Pineapple is connected. I am running over live usb persistence on a MacBook Pro 2019.
  4. I am having the same issue but pressing the reset button did not do anything for me nor did altering the file. It just sits indefinitely. I should mention I’m on live usb kali with an external WiFi adapter
  5. Thank you b0N3z I didn’t see that before with Foxtrot. I haven’t seen any updates but just checking to see if anyone has it working now?
  6. Looks like I picked an interesting time to get into the WiFi Pineapple given that the new firmware just released and temporarily broke almost all the modules for me. I am unable to install the dependancies and clicking enable on Dwan does nothing.
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