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  1. Did you solve the problem? I had the same problem to you.
  2. Thank you guys,I didn’t know that,Please delete my post,BBS administrator! Thanks for letting me know!
  3. Thanks!I’ll be waiting for your good news!
  4. Hi,everone! I would like to buy a HAK5 ELITE FIELD KIT.sadly,the shipping does not support China. if someone who can be my buying agent ,please let me know.I would be appreciated.And I will pay you $100 extra money as reward. My Twitter:@ningman520
  5. I would like to buy Hak5 elite kit.
  6. Hi,Ledicious! I would like to buy your Hak5 kit,if you are still looking for someone to buy it ,please let me know.My Twitter:@ningman520
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