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  1. Hoping someone can help with this issue as I have it too? thanks
  2. many thanks. I can chat now? what's the best way?
  3. Using Windows 10, I can only connect to the management AP after a Windows restart. Then after running a quite site survey and recon (not at the same time), my connection to the management AP drops and the only way I can reconnect to it is if I completely restart my Windows. I have tried all of the following with no effect/results: - powering the computer with AC, not just battery - adding all my system/pineapple SSID/MACs to the filter allow list - updating Nano with latest firmware - not running many modules at once - stop and restart various networking services and ICS in Windows Can someone help? many thanks
  4. How long does it take to deauth a client/AP on average and how long should a subsequent capture be run for? thanks
  5. If a client from a particular SSID has been deauth'ed, and you want them to reconnect to your pineapple AP, in an area where there are lots of other APs, will the clients only connect (as a first preference) to the AP with the strongest signal? if my Pineapple AP has a weaker signal that other surrounding APs, how can I force the client to connect to my pineapple AP? thanks
  6. Hi - anyone had any problems taking their wifi pineapple (nano or tetra) abroad through airport security? Would they just be classed as normal IT equipment or would anything strange show up on the xray scanners? thanks
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