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  1. OK, it's been a while. I am posting here because there was a new 1.3 revision of the device released recently, with a lot of new cool features added. I have also posted a couple of new videos on my youtube channel about it, so if anybody is interested, you should check it all out.
  2. Well, the cause is not immediately apparent from this. I probably will investigate that at some point. But actually, I think I never had a software problem to result in flashing errors. Every time I got an error with openocd it was some hardware reason, like shorted pins or pins that look like they are connected but are actually not and things like that. So I would suggest to first of all try and take off the MCU, then place it back. Then try to flash again. Maybe add some more solder with the soldering iron (while MCU is on board) . Repeat that procedure a couple of times if necessary, and the problem could very well be solved. At least it always worked for me. Tell me then if you were successful with that.
  3. You could also show more of the error message from openocd. Maybe there are some more clues too.
  4. I am not a great expert on how openocd works, but it might be a configuration file problem. Are you using the makefile from the repository? and which OS are you doing this on? You might try to run the flashing command from the makefile by hand, and change path or names of the config files to something more appropriate for your system.
  5. Oh, somebody actually posed a reply. Hello. Your feedback is welcome, especially if you are building these yourself. I am kind of busy working on a redesign of my GPS logger project, but I am very much planning to get back to work on PocketAdmin soon enough. Maybe add some features like mouse control or bootloader for easy firmware updates. And maybe you will have some other ideas too.
  6. I am not sure if this is OK to have my very first post promoting some product here, but I think it qualifies as a DIY, open source, community project. I am mainly interested in getting some feedback about this badusb device that I made: https://github.com/krakrukra/PocketAdmin https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8HZCV1vNmZvp7ci1vNmj7g So, please let me know what do you think about this project.
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