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  1. Im also having issues with this payload. i have it in switch2, latest PS firmware installed. I can run the payload, the light blinks yellow indicating its collecting data, but I cannot browse the internet. Netmode is set to transparent and the interface is set to br-lan. There are no logs sent to local storage as the code suggests would happen. Whats next in my troubleshooting?
  2. Just received my PS today in the mail. I am using it to see what type of information I can gather from print devices. While the device is on my internal network and hooked up inline with a printer, what is the best way to ensure I can access the PS and USB drive files? The device is currently on the default 172 IP while our internal network is a 192.168.100 range. When running my payloads it is in transparent mode so Im not sure what Im looking for will work.
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