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  1. Just a note to say you're not alone. My Galaxy S10+ also doesn't connect, or appear to detect the USB Ethernet device as it should. I've tried the Samsung (bundled) USB-C adapter, but it just doesn't recognize it. The S10+ *does* recognize other USB Ethernet adapters and hubs, so it appears perhaps the specific driver for this Ethernet adapter is missing from the Samsung build. (Normally the S10+ works with Ethernet adapters quite well, and adds setting menu entries for IP and such.) On the upside, he S10+ works just great over the WiFi management AP, and I've had no trouble using it from the standard Web and WiFi interface. It's just the USB Ethernet that doesn't appear.
  2. I got a response! I'm happy to report that Hak5 agrees mine is a hardware fault, and is processing an RMA replacement. Took time, but hopefully can finally use the full power of this thing soon. I'll post again when the replacement arrives and runs to spec.
  3. Yeah, I think it's a form template or robo-response:Jaimie (Hak5) Apr 28, 13:23 PDT ... I am so sorry you are having trouble. I'm looping you through to product-support. The wording about "looping in" sounds the same as others have posted.
  4. Nope, no response, no replacement, no workaround. I wouldn't buy any hardware form them unless it's through a vendor that accepts returns. And has a working support system -- that would be great. Read this forum -- nobody gets support. I intend to hand-carry this Tetra garbage to their next Con and see if I can swap it out there.
  5. Same.. My support ticket got "product support" looped in early on, and no response since. I am using 12v Power with the included adapter. I don't have a need for USB power (yet), but the unit Reboots any time it tries to transmit. PineAP is pretty useless, so this is a 'monitor only' unit. Two months, no support..
  6. Well Scott, don't expect any help from Support. They don't reply, and the thing just keeps rebooting. The case gets a day older each day.
  7. Well that's interesting -- it did NOT reboot! I took all 4 antennas off, Deauth three times, and nothing.. no reboot. Then I put them back on, and it still doesn't crash! What kind of voodoo is this? Of course, it didn't actually deauth any of the clients either.. even with antennas back on. There was no smoke, but..
  8. Does anyone have an internal block diagram or schematic for the Tetra? It seems odd that the Secondary (Client) radio works fine, but when used in monitor mode, the deauth crashes it. What radio sends out the Deauth? Is there any way to test just that radio?
  9. I can power it from TWO USB cables and two batteries, or the included 12v adapter. Trying to pump 5A through a microUSB connector is some seriously wonky action. Also try multiple USB cables -- many of mine had too much voltage drop at high current. Two stiff cables with a snug fit into the connector are required.
  10. Surprisingly, the newest crop of Samsung phones (Galaxy S10) *can* be both a client on WiFi *and* host a second WiFi AP in the phone. (WiFi sharing)
  11. Ah, it's not just me, then. I can't tell if the counter is wrong, or more likely, the pool is just Not Displayed. Specifically if you come back to that page and Download the pool, the file does have the SSID content. However, none are shown in the Pool. If I Clear the SSID Pool, then they start arriving and displaying again (while PineAP is monitoring). I think this more of a Web display problem than a counter problem, since you can indeed export them. Does yours do the same?
  12. I haven't tried anything with opkg. It's just the standard firmware (no modules). Are there default pkgs that get upgraded with opkg between firmware updates? Happy to try (anything).
  13. Boy I hope not, but I would think the symptoms would be different. In my case, the Tetra actually resets and goes back through the boot LEDs and all that. Most of the time, I'm connected via the USB Ethernet port anyway, so a deauth wouldn't mean much. I am looking for some other way to test the radios.
  14. One more datapoint... I tried enabling Client AP, and no Ethernet. It works just fine. So the Tetra connects to Internet over WiFi to another AP, while providing its own AP/Management-AP for clients This works fine. Only the middle BLUE LED is on. It does not reboot or crash. Speedtest on a connected client works fine. I don't know if this uses the same WiFi or Amplifier as a 'deauth' request, but I would have guessed yes.
  15. I have a new Pineapple Tetra (MK5.8) with a specific reset problem. It can Recon just fine -- days without any issue, detecting all the right things. But, the moment I enable any transmitters in PineAP, it reboots. Here are the easiest steps to crash it: Factory Reset on Firmware 2.5.4, do basic intro/configuration Recon w/ Start PineAP for 30 seconds Pick a client MAC Deauth BOOM, reboot and back to login Or more typically: Factory Reset "Get Started", set basic configuration screen Recon w/ Start PineAP Pick an SSID from Recon Scan Results ("PineAP Pool: Add SSID" and "PineAP Filter: Add SSID") Confirm that Filters show Clients Deny:None, SSID: Allow corpAP Switch to PineAP tab, confirm PineAP Daemon: Enabled PineAP checkbox Log PineAP Events, Save PineAP checkbox Client Connect/Disconnect Notifications, Save PineAP checkbox: Broadcast SSID Pool, Save and BOOM, reboots immediately on Save Enabling Beacon Response, or Associations also crashes it. Even a simple Deauth from Recon crashes it. I have tried: Dozens of Factory Resets Minimalist configuration just to get it running (no special options/settings) Get Started, set basic configuration Firmware recovery to 2.4.1 Firmware upgrade to 2.5.4 This really feels like a power-related problem -- as if it resets when the second radio tries to Transmit. Is there any other test I can do to confirm it? Power supplies I have tried: The included 12v 2A AC Adapter (Intertek) (preferred by Hak5 Forum users the world over) The USB Y-Cable with two supplies Two lab-grade bench power supplies set to 5.25V DC feeding each of the two MicroUSB ports on the Tetra Two USB Batteries A lab power supply at 12.0V with up to 3A of current. 13v power supply to see if connector/cable loss is an issue All THREE power supplies at once (12v 2A, 5v 2.5A, 5v 2.5A) I really thought I'd find a power solution that runs it, but no. I was able to see more the expected reboots when running under-powered single-USB supplies, but that's well-documented. The highest consumption I've seen on 12v is only 0.7 Amps, far from the "24W" I was expecting. One possibility is that a Tx power amplifier is messed up and surging huge current on any transmission from PineAP. Does PineAP use a different transmitter or amp than anything else? It could be a more general fault in the (regulated) power distribution in the Tetra, since it behaves the same on 5v or 12v supply. I'm open to any ideas to debug this.. it's just a passive monitor otherwise. Thanks!
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