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  1. I asked the same on Discord, and the plug-in MTK MT7612U 802.11ac radios can't participate in PineAP/Recon/UI just yet. I suppose that support will be coming with the Enterprise software release or the internal MTK module. The Mark VII was able to detect the new radio and use it for WiFi Client just fine, so the Linux/wlan side of things is working fine. You can probably substitute it by hand-editing config files, but I haven't tried it yet.
  2. I'm looking to run the DWall module (or something like it) against an Open wifi network with no password (no WEP/WPA). All WiFi packet contents should be in the clear and visible to any participant on that channel, but the DWall module doesn't seem to operate promiscuously. It shows information for requests routed through the Pineapple, of course. I'm looking to report on all the visible air packets instead, without being involved in their routing.. passive Rx only. Is this possible with some wlan radio configuration? Thanks!
  3. Hey, try it now! After the last Samsung S10+ over-the-air firmware update, it works! I saw a reference in another forum that more ethernet adapters were added via updates, and it seems to be true. The tetra Ethernet was detected without my changing anything. It shows up as Ethernet eth0 now (instead of being ignored), and does get a DHCP address assignment of However, the Pineapple App still doesn't work -- it sticks in Waiting for Connection. It's not possible to enable USB Tethering in the Samsung Settings, which remains greyed out. I'm not entirely sure how this is supposed to work -- the phone sees a USB Ethernet adapter, lights it up, flashes Blue LED on Tetra, gets a DHCP assignment and gateway, and now believes it has access to the Internet over that connection (it does, when Tetra has its own Ethernet uplink). Even in Airplane mode, all is fine. So now the Samsung has full Internet, and access to the management page at Just like any laptop, really, same as "Windows / Linux" instructions. So what's the Android App looking for? Why does it need USB Tethering? That seems like the Reverse model, where the Tetra would try to use Internet over cellular from the Samsung. But how? There's no way to do that with the USB Ethernet adapter, since it's an endpoint peripheral. The Tetra would have to make an outbound (USB Host) connection to the phone, detect it as a (networking) device, and use the PHONE as an ethernet device for Tetra tethering to work. That's how laptops do it anyway. I tried disabling Ethernet in Samsung just to see if it would let me enable USB Tethering, but no. It really wants to see a (USB Host!) laptop before enabling tethering. I don't see how this would work on any phone, really. What am I missing?
  4. I have tried with USB Debugging (ADB port), and found no difference. I think it's unrelated. The Tetra presents a USB Device (Realtek RTL8152B controller VID 0BDA & PID 8152) over the Eth port on back. So it's a USB connection to an Ethernet adapter inside the Tetra. https://datasheet.lcsc.com/szlcsc/Realtek-Semicon-RTL8152B-VB-CG_C50656.pdf This new USB attach needs to be added as an Ethernet device by the Android phone. It seems to me like the Samsung S10+ just doesn't have a driver for this or doesn't load it. I have other USB Ethernet devices, and they are correctly attached, enumerated, and discovered by the Samsung Linux kernel, and then manifest in the UI itself right from the pull-down settings as an "Ethernet" showing IP address and such (see picture of NON-Tetra device). That is, the Samsung S10+ does have good easy USB Ethernet support, just not for the chip that Tetra is using. If anyone knows a way to add a driver for it, post! I couldn't find any way to do it.
  5. As the OP, I wanted to post here to say aside from the long delay in response, Hak5 eventually made good on my unit and replaced it without hassle. The replacement Tetra MK5.8 arrived and works exactly as it should. I put it through the paces of Deauth, transmitting, some Client/AP bridging, and it never rebooted (on wall-power 12v 2A adapter). I left it up on Recon or PineAP SSID logging for seven days straight -- no reboots, solid uptime. Range is solid, there are the usual software oddities reported by others, but it has not spontaneously rebooted. This is on the shipped 2.5.4 firmware, not the new 2.6. (Conversely the original RMA unit actually got worse over time, and eventually would reboot just at idle doing nothing, so perhaps it wasn't exclusively a Tx problem.) I suppose the message is that if you have a spontaneously-rebooting Tetra, using the 12V 2A included wall power, don't give up -- get it fixed. They might not be fast, but Hak5 did honor my warranty. I'm stoked to have a working machine at last..
  6. Just a note to say you're not alone. My Galaxy S10+ also doesn't connect, or appear to detect the USB Ethernet device as it should. I've tried the Samsung (bundled) USB-C adapter, but it just doesn't recognize it. The S10+ *does* recognize other USB Ethernet adapters and hubs, so it appears perhaps the specific driver for this Ethernet adapter is missing from the Samsung build. (Normally the S10+ works with Ethernet adapters quite well, and adds setting menu entries for IP and such.) On the upside, he S10+ works just great over the WiFi management AP, and I've had no trouble using it from the standard Web and WiFi interface. It's just the USB Ethernet that doesn't appear.
  7. I got a response! I'm happy to report that Hak5 agrees mine is a hardware fault, and is processing an RMA replacement. Took time, but hopefully can finally use the full power of this thing soon. I'll post again when the replacement arrives and runs to spec.
  8. Yeah, I think it's a form template or robo-response:Jaimie (Hak5) Apr 28, 13:23 PDT ... I am so sorry you are having trouble. I'm looping you through to product-support. The wording about "looping in" sounds the same as others have posted.
  9. Nope, no response, no replacement, no workaround. I wouldn't buy any hardware form them unless it's through a vendor that accepts returns. And has a working support system -- that would be great. Read this forum -- nobody gets support. I intend to hand-carry this Tetra garbage to their next Con and see if I can swap it out there.
  10. Same.. My support ticket got "product support" looped in early on, and no response since. I am using 12v Power with the included adapter. I don't have a need for USB power (yet), but the unit Reboots any time it tries to transmit. PineAP is pretty useless, so this is a 'monitor only' unit. Two months, no support..
  11. Well Scott, don't expect any help from Support. They don't reply, and the thing just keeps rebooting. The case gets a day older each day.
  12. Well that's interesting -- it did NOT reboot! I took all 4 antennas off, Deauth three times, and nothing.. no reboot. Then I put them back on, and it still doesn't crash! What kind of voodoo is this? Of course, it didn't actually deauth any of the clients either.. even with antennas back on. There was no smoke, but..
  13. Does anyone have an internal block diagram or schematic for the Tetra? It seems odd that the Secondary (Client) radio works fine, but when used in monitor mode, the deauth crashes it. What radio sends out the Deauth? Is there any way to test just that radio?
  14. I can power it from TWO USB cables and two batteries, or the included 12v adapter. Trying to pump 5A through a microUSB connector is some seriously wonky action. Also try multiple USB cables -- many of mine had too much voltage drop at high current. Two stiff cables with a snug fit into the connector are required.
  15. Surprisingly, the newest crop of Samsung phones (Galaxy S10) *can* be both a client on WiFi *and* host a second WiFi AP in the phone. (WiFi sharing)
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