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  1. Good news, after more than a few emails back and forth, Hak5 is sending me a new Tetra! Little more of a hassle than I expected, but they stood by their product in the end. Thanks Hak5!
  2. Have you tried powering it through the supplied 12v adapter? Mine is doing the exact same thing when powered through USB, but boots like normal when powered through the 12v adapter.
  3. This is the exact same issue I am having. It has to be a hardware issue, but I've personally been having a hell of a time getting any help from Hak5 support team.
  4. So, I have been having some issues with my Tetra. I am about 90% sure its failed or malfunctioning internal hardware (boot loop when powered through USB), so I created a support claim. I received a confirmation email shortly after creating the ticket advising me that the claim was being looped through product support. That was a little over a week ago, I have replied to the email several times inquiring on the status with no response. I am just curious what sort of experience everyone else has had with support for the Hak5 devices. I had heard good things from a coworker, but have had a less t
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