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  1. ahhhhhhhhhh ....... he did in standard browsing while i , me trying to do it using the captive portal pop up that opens using webview to get it to work instantly and avoid the lack of HTTP/1.1 soooooo ..........
  2. does this work if it just a request in the background like the app is checking for stuff or something , trying http canary and disconnecting then reconnecting to the internet results in a tons of http requests of apps checking and updating stuff. are you sure that you read it ? cause he Literally said
  3. first what did you mean by saying injecting the attack payload when the victim browses a http only page , right ?
  4. this Literally what i didn't like in the original link that i shared way in the start project dribbel.
  5. the answer : use see about the webview and all its questions on stackover flow about apps not the captive portal which is just a webpage rendered by the webview ... you can't do anything more than a sandboxed browser.
  6. the target enumeration? maybe. the reset , not really this meant to be more like a targeted attack targeted attacks are mostly successful compared to the generic ones ( evil twin) which will add a new tool to the play ground.
  7. nope not burp it was just a test to spare me with having to launch a fake ap and dns masq each time i want to test the captive portal. my current problem is CP auto closing. btw do you think that this will be added to pineapple if it turned out to be successful ?
  8. @digininja the thing that automatically closes or the brup suite thing ? cause the first isn't fixable at all. but it they more specialized at wireless networking not networking.
  9. @digininja sorry for being annoying ... but how should i word the post at least the title and which paragraph of the long ones i wrote should i include.?
  10. @digininjait's kinda dead/ unactive but what Category do you suggest i post in ?
  11. @digininja if i was looking for a help with it , where do you think i can look ?
  12. @digininja give it quick try : launch airodump with wps view enabled and see the APs around who and how many exposes their model .. take that model and search their name + exploit or default password i am sure that you will find something. also about the def pass in case of unique pass , the passwords pages will show you a wrong pass but you can get an idea of how the password looks like by searching the device in a market shop or what ever site sells used products. you too , so if there any hints you can give me with the captive portal problem ? and wow you are fast at rea
  13. @digininja it's general but it depends on you. i though about this and got the idea that after launching this a lot of people would like it and they would contribute to it and add the router payloads for their model ... and by time we would have a finger printing db that works on a big number of devices.
  14. @digininja i forgot to say that the captive portal thing isn't a problem in case of desktops and i heard that you can force ios devices to open the captive portal in a browser is it correct ? and by exploiting that the auto fil is triggered with the same url . we get that unique password which is mostly saved by the browser and will be auto filed the second you load the page. and you know who saves the router password in the browser ?me and lot of people. alsoooooooo about the IPs thing i forgot to mention that routers have a something like domain name ex. ht
  15. @digininja i have a working demo js & php files for 2-3 routers you put it in the place of captive portal landing page in fluxion or wifiphisher and run it then after the page loads connect back to your network. not really i think.. if it wasn't for the captive portal problem it would have worked just perfect. all the problems you are listing can be solved using the first part which is the target enumeration and a big part of it can be done without needing an access to that network ... with the mac address you can find out the vendor which narrows the targets list even more and
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