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  1. Black arch does have a lot of tools, No one mentioned Devuan. I really enjoy it if you keep it all free, I've have no issues with it really. I like being able to use refracta installer to image my system and than re-image it to a live-iso. It's nice to have a portable system with all your favorite programs all pre-installed.
  2. When you SSH into your PS, run openvpn 'config.ovpn' in your payload directory. The output should help you diagnose any issues.
  3. Hey guys, First post 🙂 Anyways I really have been enjoying the Packet squirrel as a passive Vpn Out. Although I know that's not its intended purpose. Also great for monitoring network. I put it inbetween my modem and router and encrypted everything to a PIA server. Although small thing I have to hash out# disable-occ line of the config.ovpn . Was wondering if there was a way to re-enable this and getting the vpn to disable-occ, or if it's even needed at all? (Just wanna pick yall for some knowledge on this option) Any security issues I can expect running a packetsquirrel as a vpn out? It's very nice if you don't trust your ISP all that much, everything leaving the router to the modem can be encrpyted. Including Wifi, without needing to run openvpn on the client computers. Silly way to get around a client limit as well. 🙂 I am kind of rookie, but it works as advertised it's pretty impressive how simple it is. Seems like a much better way to tunnel in than using a raspberry pie as well. Thanks for a great product. 🙂
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