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  1. Black arch does have a lot of tools, No one mentioned Devuan. I really enjoy it if you keep it all free, I've have no issues with it really. I like being able to use refracta installer to image my system and than re-image it to a live-iso. It's nice to have a portable system with all your favorite programs all pre-installed.
  2. When you SSH into your PS, run openvpn 'config.ovpn' in your payload directory. The output should help you diagnose any issues.
  3. Hey guys, First post 🙂 Anyways I really have been enjoying the Packet squirrel as a passive Vpn Out. Although I know that's not its intended purpose. Also great for monitoring network. I put it inbetween my modem and router and encrypted everything to a PIA server. Although small thing I have to hash out# disable-occ line of the config.ovpn . Was wondering if there was a way to re-enable this and getting the vpn to disable-occ, or if it's even needed at all? (Just wanna pick yall for some knowledge on this option) Any security issues I can expect running a packetsquirrel as a vpn
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