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  1. Oh btw, you can just run this, you don't have to open a new shell entirely. This works even in the Run dialog (obviously you have to adjust the path to the script) powershell -ep bypass .\script.ps1 (Sorry for the double comment, I haven't figured out how to edit comments yet. lol)
  2. The task should run with elevated privileges by default, I tested your command on my machine and it works. Maybe it requires a user which is part of the Administrators group? I'll test it with a limited user and let you know. It would be great 🙂 Obviously what I posted isn't refined, it's just a POC, I figured people will adapt it to their needs since it can be used in a variety of ways.
  3. Hi everyone! First of all, sorry if my English is not that good, It's not my main language. I just signed up to the forum to post this, after watching the video Darren made about a payload that changes the Desktop background. I had this idea after he mentioned that the Lockscreen background could not be changed due to the fact that there isn't a "stable" method and it needed admin privileges. So I made a script which, when opened as standard user, respawns itself in a hidden window with full admin privileges and executes whatever payload you put in it. Here it is: if((([Syst
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