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  1. Jim Browning using some remote software without getting revealed. Is there plenty of remote software like this and how can you detect if it's running in the background? Would they be detected by Malawarebytes or any other program?
  2. I may used wrong word, my english is not so good. But it sounds promising, have not get any confirmation so I knew I'm in que but I wait more.
  3. I received the unit end of Jan, I report it broken 8 feb and still waiting for reply. I have sent few reminders but I think I have to realise that I looks I have been scammed on the aftermarket service or if they just have very long responsetimes? The order and delivery was fast so all credit for that.
  4. I received my Nano for less then a month and have serious issues. Recon only found accesspoints few meters from the Nano. The signal is max -95 , 2 meter from the accesspoint that transmitt with 0,5 watt. If I take my android phone with wifi scanner it detects my router with -25db as same distance plus all neighbors networks which is around 15. With the Nano I only see my own router if it's really close. I did not have this problem at the start but after maybe few hours running after I got it starts smell hot electronic so I unplug it very fast. I suspect that some electronics
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