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  1. Thanx much. I've started using the Linux OS on my Dell Inspiron and so far I've had no issues. It seems like Windows is the issue, as you mentioned earlier. Thanx again.
  2. I really want to use a Linux OS, but, right now I only have a Dell computer. I don't know how to fully switch the OS from Windows to Linux. I'm over the issues and viruses with the Windows box, but, not sure yet how to remove the old OS and begin new with Linux...
  3. I have tried everything I could think of, and everything I have seen on this forum. All to no avail. The Pineapple Nano seems to work 'maybe' one day then it's down for a week. Frustrating, is an understatement. A. I've reset the device to original config several times. B. I've checked the IP and flushed the DNS several times, and then it works until I restart the computer. C. I don't have a strong background in Linux so I could really use some help here. Until then...
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