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  1. Hello, on a WIFI Pineapple TETRA with firmware 2.4.2 DNSMasq Spoof works for me. DNSspoof doesn't. Where is the difference between them? And is there a way to make DNSMasq Spoof working for HTTPS requests? For these requests I currently receive an error on the client webbrowser. Thanks.
  2. I have setup a new WIFI Pineapple TETRA with firmware 2.4.2. I have two questions regarding your module. 1) after installing the module Papers (version 1.5) via "Manage Modules" it gets installed (message appears). If I click on the button/link "Paper" on the left side where the installed modules appear nothing happens (only URL changes to the suffix "#Papers", but in the main frame still the previous content appears which was loaded before). Other modules are working, so if I click on modules name the main frame shows the modules configuration/content as expected. This problem seems to be module-related, this also happens with your module "PortalAuth". 2) How can I install Papers module in version 1.6 from GitHub on the WIFI Pineapple TETRA? Could not find a guide. Could you please support me? Thank you.
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