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  1. Everything is fine, I’m just in Russia and the server was unable to contact me, I turned on the VPN and it worked.
  2. But besides this, I still have a problem with updating the firmware, as well as installing tools through the deb packages (probably because of the firmware). That's what i see when i try to update bash bunny. I really need your help.
  3. I tried to do this, on the advice of haztheforce (https://forums.hak5.org/topic/41264-windows-internet-connection-again/), but the packages still do not go root@bunny:/etc/network/interfaces.d# cat usb0 allow-hotplug usb0 auto usb0 iface usb0 inet static address netmask gateway (Changed) dns-nameserver dns-nameserver
  4. 1.0_167. I did a firmware recovery trying to fix the fact that after adding deb packages to the tools folder nothing happened
  5. What did I do! Inserted Bash Bunny in arming mode, made payload.txt (ATTACKMODE RNDIS_ETHERNET) on switch1. Took out a bash bunny. Switched Bash Bunny to switch1 and plugged in to usb port. Further configured as (probably), as written in the documentation. Took out a bash bunny. Put Bash Bunny in arming mode and plugged in to usb port. I started the serial console and found that I had done something wrong. What am I wrong?
  6. I did not find the answers to this here, so I need your help. First of all, I can’t do internet bash bunny. I did everything according to the instructions, I was looking for answers on the forum, but nothing comes of it. I also tried to install tools, following the advice of one of the users, and found another problem. My bash bunny does not see the dep packages in the tools folder. Tell me what else I could send you so that you can better understand how to help me.
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