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    Who on here plays warframe? What system do you play on? How long have you been playing? Mastery Rank? Favorite warframes? I am on PS4. Been playing since Ps4 came out. Would love to swap over to PC one day whenever they do cross platform progression. MR25 Love playing as Loki, Gara, Volt and Chroma.
  2. ............yep sure does Leaving this thread open in case anyone else comes across this issue and is new like me
  3. I reset my Wifi Pineapple Tetra to factory again and so it is running off of the latest firmware with 0 plugins or Modules added onto it. I go to enable PineAP and then do a recon scan and after the can has completed (or whenever it continuously updates) I go to try and select the client and I get nothing. I will go ahead and include some screenshots
  4. Yes I do mean that and just as you replied I was actually updating the post with more relevant information. I do not understand why this isnt working for me.
  5. Every time I watch tutorials about the Wifi Pineapple, I see that the hosts are able to get more information about clients by selecting them in the recon menu by MAC address. But when I hover over the clients in either of my Wifi Pineapples (both Nano and Tetra) the 'No' symbol appears (circle with the diagonal line through it) and does not allow me to select the item. Is this a common issue and is there a fix for this I have factory reset both devices twice already and I am still getting this issue. For further clarification this is the information that is in the help menu for the
  6. With the new update that came out I have been having issues with the Recon on the Wifi Pineapples (Tetra and Nano). Whenever I do a scan starts but just continuously searches for results. A few seconds to a minute later the "Out of Range Clients" appears but with nothing underneath. Is this a known issue or am I doing something. I haven't changed any configurations as far as power supplies or interface devices.
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