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  1. ...also the (stock) drivers my WiFi adapters are running do NOT provide me with a "Network Address" or "Locally Administered Address" configuration option under "Properties"/"Advanced"/"Configure" in "Change Adapter Options". So most, if not all Google search-hits are irrelevant to my situation. My experience (and question) is more nuanced than just something anyone can look up with a few Google searches. (that's why I'm asking this forum for help!) Thanks.
  2. I'm trying to spoof my Surface 4 Pro's WiFi MAC address. It's running Win10, and the stock Marvel driver mrvlpcie8897 circa 2016. Using Powershell, like Darren shows in his video here: MAC Spoofing for Free in-flight Wi-Fi (and monkeys) - Hack Across The Planet - Hak5 2208 https://youtu.be/vuY-u-HfSMs?t=478 ...it appears my driver doesn't permit changing MAC address. My question is- what driver is recommended (what driver is Darren using on his W10 platform?) and where can I get a hold of it? I also tried using an Alfa AWUS036H, USB-WiFi adaptor...but its driver also prohibits MAC spoofing. Any ideas? Thanks.
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