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  1. Update: My original script doers execute the payload but does not save anything in the loot file. I have tried the suggested edit in powershell (not being executed by bash bunny) with the fallowing resaults also to be clear this task is to recover my mother-in-law FB password to set up her new phone does not have to be covert i am simply using this opertunity to learn more about powershell
  2. hello, this is my first submitted payload and was wondering if i can have any help maturing this script, if there was any way to polish up this script. the point of the script is to open an admin power shell and then unrestrict the execution policy. it came about do to the password grabber not giving be the results i needed. I start off with a ducky script to set the execution policy then go on to basically loads the password grabber ps1 Any way to make this script better Ducky Script Payload
  3. I am looking to educate myself further and am looking for information on if and how to use the packet squirrel as a possible lag switch for gaming by throttling the available bandwidth to the connected device? I am willing to read and research I am just in a spin on where to start
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