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  1. Trhd.life

    Lag switch glitches research

    I'm not looking for a compleat disconnect but maby a way to introduce targeted packet loss, garbage date or perhaps delay receiving data even? My thoughts where for exploiting lag or data manipulation on some level to be able to use consumables on say C.O.D. Zombies, environmental vs (not human players) vs player type games.
  2. Trhd.life

    Lag switch glitches research

    I does greatly pain me to be called a cheater with no further inquiries as to why I want this information. I too can agree with you the distaste for cheating fellow players I do not know how to assure you in do not want to use this information for multiplayer games agent fellow players I am merely here for education. Yes all be it education that can be used poorly in the wrong hands making the game less fun for others. The goal of using this new found knowledge is yes to game the game, But the game not the fellow players I am interested in this like zombies mode on cod as in my opinion I am not putting down my fellow gamer. - I don't want to cheat you, I Wana cheat the robots.
  3. Trhd.life

    Lag switch glitches research

    Can any one point me in the correct direction to learn how to manually manipulate my bandwidth my first thought are to use a packet squirrel but that is my only lead Sorry if this is not in correct spot
  4. I am looking to educate myself further and am looking for information on if and how to use the packet squirrel as a possible lag switch for gaming by throttling the available bandwidth to the connected device? I am willing to read and research I am just in a spin on where to start