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  1. So how can I get access to the infusions that were previously available? Can I install infusions myself? ... E.g. can I dig up the infusions that used to be available and "sideload" them? FWIW, this is a total bummer. It's one thing to EOL a product, but shutting down resources that had once been available is a real blow to those of us who may not have the capital to upgrade every year or two. I know, I know, TLS. Don't get me wrong - that's great. And I get that you guys might be stuck between a rock and a hard place on this one... but surely there is some way to make available for manual download the old infusion files? Or something? Can I at least pull off my existing infusion(s), so that if I have to do a factory reset, I can sideload again? ☠️ RIP my pineapple, I guess ... ?
  2. I was running a lab test before going on an assignment and noticed that after a probe was logged from a test device, the test device could then see the probed-for SSID in its available wifi networks. I'd like to disable the beacon response and not reveal to a potential targeted device that the device is under surveillance. I've tried disabling Karma, but that stops the logging all together. I want to log all probes from any devices, so I kept the Log Probes box checked. Under PineAP Daemon (which is enabled), the only box I have checked is the Harvest SSIDs box. Send Beacon Responses and Dogma are both unchecked. How can I configure Karma to listen for probes without replying? Or is that a function I should use PineAP for?
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