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  1. Updated to the latest firmware (2.5.2) and can confirm the issue with PineAP not enabling has been resolved. I have tested it for a day with no issues.
  2. @DiabeticGuineaPig Yes, yes and yes! You're experiencing the exact same issue that I experienced. Its sounds like a very common issue that has been around for years. Even when the PineAP did work for me it was buggy and unreliable, I couldn't use it for longer than 10 minutes without having issues, I would never use it in the wild. I've given up on it and have moved onto a Raspberry Pi instead. I would recommend asking for a refund if you've recently purchased it.
  3. thanks for your response! my pineap daemon is broken again, I tried running the scan and it doesn't create /tmp/recon.db
  4. I just had the same issue. I managed to solve my issue by doing the firmware recovery. https://www.wifipineapple.com/pages/faq After you have completed it test the PineAP before you upgrade to the latest firmware. It took me 2 firmware recoveries to solve my issue, the first time I updated to latest firmware straight away and the problem persisted. Also try doing 'site_survey 15' via SSH before you do the firmware recovery, I was getting a 'pinesniffer not found' error, I'm interested if you get this too.
  5. I managed to get it working by redoing the firmware recovery to 2.0.2 and using the PineAP before updating to the latest firmware. wlan0-1 is now up and running. site_survey no longer produces an error. Happy days so far.
  6. Hi, I recieved my Pineapple Nano a few weeks ago. It started out working okay, I was able to start the PineAP and perform recon scans etc. Sometimes the scan would never finish, and sometimes the PineAP would never enable,, but a reboot would usually fix this. Now the PineAP is permanently disabled, I have performed a factory reset, firmware recovery and countless reboots., it still won't start. I see in the system log it states the PineAP has booted? Has anyone experienced this issue? I would have thought a firmware recovery would've solved the issue, possibly a hardware fault? Fi
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