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  1. Hi Guys I have read multiple posts about this, spent more than 10 hours implementing all kind of different solutions and I am still not able to capture any hashes with 2 different Lan Turtles. So, I am sure there is no problem with the hardware. But, it seems the responder has gotton so big that now it needs extra storage to install all folders/dependencies. So, as other people suggested I did remove these lines from the QuickCreds file: if [[ ! $(opkg list-installed | grep git) ]]; then opkg install git | dialog --progressbox "Installing dependency git" 14 72fi and downloaded responder on my own box and moved it to the turtle without git as it seemed that git was occupying a lot of space and that solved the problem. However, still, the Lan Turtle light is blinking after 30 minutes. I have tried this solution on version 1.3 and 1.4 and have not had any success. I really appreciate your contribution to this topic and hope we can find out what is the problem as it seems a lot of people having this issue. Thanks!!
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