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  1. Hi, Is there any good script that can store passwords from browsers to Rubber ducky using Twin Duck FW? Thanks 😄
  2. zekim

    Twin Ducky problems

    Hm, I flash it once more with Twin Duck option 2 (which request CAPS lock to trigger payload) but hello world script works without triggering CAPS, and it is also recognised as HID and mass storage. So basically option 2 works as option 1 twinduck for me.
  3. zekim

    Twin Ducky problems

    Hi, I am new to rubber ducky and scripting also. I want to manage rubber ducky to works with twin duck FW. I did flash Rubber ducky with Twin duck FW with help of this manual https://null-byte.wonderhowto.com/how-to/modify-usb-rubber-ducky-with-custom-firmware-0177335/ If I chose Original Twin Duck FW, I only get Green and Red led. If I chose option 2 (special request 1) Windows 10 recognise Ducky as HID and mass storage (that's what I want) but I do not know how to trigger payload with Caps lock? Also I will prefer to use it without Caps lock triggering. Am I doing something wrong while flashing or is this a bug? For flashing I use Kali.