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    USB Rubber Ducky can do this ?

    Please view this: you can skip the first 10 min. You probably will understand better or maybe I did not understand well
  2. Skynet2018

    USB Rubber Ducky can do this ?

    This is the code for arduino bool secure_prompt(int reps, int millisecs) { make_sure_numlock_is_off(); ... initialise SD card, DIP switches ... open a command prompt ... write a vbscipt that turns on numlock and execute it. check_for_numlock_sucess_teensy(reps,millisecs); } // loop (repeat) times for (speed) milliseconds bool check_for_numlock_sucess_teensy(int reps, int millisecs) { int i = 0; do { delay(millisecs); if (is_num_on()) { make_sure_numlock_is_off(); delay(700); return true; } i++; } while (!is_num_on() && (i>reps)); return false; } I found a website that convert ducky code to arduino but I don't found how to convert from arduino to ducky. It would be nice if we could convert somehow from arduino to ducky
  3. Skynet2018

    USB Rubber Ducky can do this ?

    I see some ducky payloads that show as the command it was executed, by the caps lock led. For example If I want to run GUI D after I can put a cmd to show me that command was executed. So if I do that then it will be like this when I put in my ducky it execute the GUI D and after the caps lock blinks one time or 2 times. I wander, if we can do this with the duck why we can't do an if statement if the caps lock blink 2 times then go to the next command but if not blink then run the GUI D command again. I think there is a way to do this but I'm not sure how to do it. An example: make a new text document and add this code : start /b /wait powershell.exe -nologo -WindowStyle Hidden -sta -command "$wsh = New-Object -ComObject WScript.Shell;$wsh.SendKeys('{CAPSLOCK}');sleep -m 250;$wsh.SendKeys('{CAPSLOCK}');sleep -m 250;$wsh.SendKeys('{CAPSLOCK}');sleep -m 250;$wsh.SendKeys('{CAPSLOCK}')" save it to .bat and execute it. You well see caps lock will blink 2 times. Now if you add this command after GUI R STRING cmd ENTER it will work. But if we can put some commands to repeat the first commands if the caps lock not blink. Than it will work I think.
  4. Hello I have a question. Can the ducky auto correct himself, if something is going wrong. Like this https://www.offensive-security.com/movies/teensy-offsec-payload.mp4