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  1. thx for the reply. Lockdown browser is just a software given to students to use on their personal computer to complete assignments. Unfortunately it blocks access to cmd and using the keyboard so I'm assuming the Ducky wouldn't work? But I'll look into it and see what the Ducky can do.
  2. To clarify, it would be my friend's computer with their permission. They would be using Lockdown Browser, and were curious if the Rubber Ducky would work when their computer is in that state.
  3. Hi, This is probably a stupid question, but would a USB Rubber Ducky work on a computer (not my own) with Respondus Lockdown Browser (or any other similar testing software) already open? For those that don't know - https://www.respondus.com/products/lockdown-browser/ From what I understand, the Rubber Ducky acts as a keyboard right? The goal would be to open a .exe from the microSD card of a USB Rubber Ducky to "essentially autorun" an .exe upon the Ducky being plugged in. If this isn't possible feel free to list any possible alternatives that could maybe help me accomplish this task. Thanks.
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