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  1. Based on that response i'd say there has been a hardware revision change and the USB ID is not being seen as a Realtek chipset
  2. Yes there is a subset of chipset drivers available (actually there should be a list of supported chipsets listed so we end users know these things)???? So either the USB ID is unknown or the driver is not currently there OR not enough power (since not sure what card your actually trying to use)
  3. Can someone update the Factory recovery image to 2.42 since you have the hash matching 2.42 listed (the image is 2.41) and should the microsd be REMOVED or INSERTED when doing a factory recovery ?? After a factory flash everything works correctly first time, set PineAP to autostart set my log's to sdcard and do a reboot (using the option under CONFIGURATION > GENERAL) i'll close current web page tab while nano is in process of rebooting. After rebooted open up new tab check PineAP settings it hasn't started yet, enable on autostart is checked on. Also I've noticed the sdcard will sometimes say /dev/sd1 instead of /dev/sdcard/sd1 when unit takes a dump (microsd is sandisk ultra extreme class10) only been having these issue since updated to 2.4x firmware And lastly YES THE Y cable is being used with both end's plugged in! ** Update: Ok so reflashed everything about 8th time, haven't changed the log location and everything seems stable now ??? Can I not point log saving to sdcard ???
  4. Wondering if NANO processor will be able to handle the WPA3 protocol
  5. figures.... and that's downloads.lanturtle.com before i get an arse response ? since cannot edit title
  6. Trying to factory reset my turtle oh guess what I cant site not found!
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