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  1. Hey everyone, I just came across some issue and can't really explain and maybe someone of you has a hint. My pineapple is running via USB, I have an SSID, an iPad is connected to that SSID and internet connectivity is available (I can browse websites). I would like to start BurpSuite now on the USB Ethernet IP, listening on port 80 and 443. When I keep on browsing on the iPad, I don't see any traffic within Burp. When I check Wireshark, I do see the traffic coming from (the pineapple) to (the default USB ethernet gateway). Does any
  2. Hi everyone, I just updated to FW 2.5.2 and tried to utilise the deauth feature from the recon module. The Pineapple sees my AP, my client and I can also deauth it. However no handshake is captured (or I am looking in the wrong direction). When I use the "Site Survey" module I am able to capture and save the handshake in .cap format. Any idea what I do wrong? I have attached some pictures documenting the process. Some interesting remark. In step 3, when I can start the capture and the deauth button appears, it never succeeds in deauth the client. I have to cl
  3. BTW, the wifiepineapple is now connected to two USB 3.0 ports of my MacBook Pro Retina. So I assume power shouldnt be an issue anymore
  4. Thanks @Foxtrot I will try to delete the browser cached file as described. Unfortunately the factory reset leads to the same "strange" behavior as before. Executing a longer scan, like 10min. leads to a frozen webinterface. The progress bar hangs at 100% but no clients or APs are displayed / site is refreshed. Furthermore I can click on any other menu item or reload the page without any feedback from the wifipineapple. Which is pretty bad as I plan to use longer scans in my pentesting engagements at client sites and would have to rely on this
  5. Interestingly enough, now I see the wifipineapple icon moving underneath the MAC address. However it seems to never finish. Pretty strange
  6. Thanks. Just did a factor firmware reset. Lets see then. I will also get a second USB Port and lets see if this helps. Good recommendation. I kinda missed that one on the github page
  7. Thats a good hint! Actually havent tried that one, but this seems to be next step. Thanks for pointing it out
  8. Thanks for the quick reply, really appreciate it. I did a factory reset already, multiple times. Not really getting better. A sandisk SD is in place and when I check the USB port power seems to be fine: Current Available (mA): 500 Current Required (mA): 250 Extra Operating Current (mA): 0
  9. You are right, quite few info, sorry about that. Currently tried it on a Kali Linux with the standard Firefox and the new Firefox Quantum. I also tried it on a OS X with Safari and Firefox. Same issue. But I experience quite serious problems in general. The whole pineapple seems to run extremely unstable. A scan over multiple minutes causes the web interface to hang, most of the time. I also tried to access the wifipineapple in anonymous mode, so no cache, cookies etc. should be left. Pretty strange.
  10. HI @Just_a_User, I just stumbled over this threat as I am playing with the newly received nano. As you stated the OUI list is dynamically and temporarily stored within the browser. Whatever I test I receive a Unknown MAC prefix message, even though I am testing my well known Apple devices with Apple Macs. Any idea what this might be? Version of the Pineapple is the latest one released, 2.0.2. Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi everyone, I just got my first Nano and finished the setup. So far I have used airodump-ng etc. as part of my Kali setup, now I try to get familiar with the Nano. I am trying not to ask some obvious things. Currently, I am mainly reading through the wiki. However, there are two things right now I don't really get. I was playing with the Recon feature and downloaded the OUI file. However, every mac address is still displayed as "unknown mac prefix". What is it that I am missing here? Can the file be re-downloaded? Another thing is that the wiki talks about Log Probes and
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