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  1. Can the O.MG cable download contact, pictures or keystrokes? Thanks!
  2. If the cable in plugged into the device, can it email payload via email or ftp?
  3. Can the O.MG Cable download formation including including keystrokes the the device?
  4. I am having the same problem. I can connect a device and see it in my C2 Dashboard, but when I select terminal, it just get a spinning blue icon. What can I do to fix it?
  5. I connected my LAN Turtle to my Cloud C2. When I select Terminal, I get a icon that spins around and around. My Lan Turtle is online so that is not the issue. Has anyone else had this issue?
  6. geno1hacker


    Does the O.MG cable have built in storage? When a person connects to a phone does it download all the information (pictures, text messages....) to storage on the phone?
  7. For some reason when I type in my password for my lanturtle is says it is incorrect. I tried the default password as well. Is there away to reset the device to the default password? Thanks!
  8. Has anyone had problems trying to ssh into the Shark Jack? I keep getting a Port 22: Operation timed out. Even thought port 22 is open and I can connect me other Hak5 gear link lanturles and my other devices. I have the correct IP address. Can anyone help.
  9. Im having an issue with one of my Rubber Ducky's. When I plug it in my Mac or My Windows machine, it is not recognized in Finder or file explore. What should I do?
  10. Did you ever get a answer to this?
  11. Is there any step-by-step instructions on setting up C2? It can be very confusing and reading the thread makes it more confusing. 1. If you are running on Windows and double click nothing happens. 2. When you go to the command prompt and run a command line it wants a host name or IP address. What IP address should I be using? If it is a Cloud shouldn't I be using your IP address? 3. When you talk about a host name should I be using one of my servers? I'm confused on this.
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