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    Evil Portals

    I factory-reset the pineapple and moved everything to internal storage and now it works, thanks. Must have been some other module interfering.
  2. tuwat

    Evil Portals

    Hi @kbeflo, first of all thanks for your work! Unfortunately I am having problems getting your Portals to work. I tried the EvilPortal versions 2.1 and 3.0 beta on the Pineapple Nano with Firmware 2.0.2. The portal shows up and I can submit a username and password. After submitting I am redirected to a page saying "You have been authorized successfully." (which as I understand is a problem with EvilPortal itself). BUT the username and password are not being saved in the file /sd/evilportal-logs/facebook-login.txt. I did set the permissions for this file to 755 and I also tried to make it work by removing the checks in the function handleAuthorization() in the file MyPortal.php. I do not believe that it is an issue with EvilPortal as the XFINITY portal by MooreR does manage to save the data to its specified file and the test portal by EvilPortal does work as well. Do you have some ideas on what I could try to make it work? I have 0 experience with PHP and wanted to check with you first before I try random things. Thanks!
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