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  1. Charlie86

    [Official] EvilPortal

    Hi, I am new to Pineapple Nano world. Just got my few days ago. I am having problems with EvilPortal. I successfully uploaded it to Nano and also activate it and start it, so I can view it from preview tab. Also cleared White list and Authorized Clients. I Networking I unchecked "hide open SSID". If I try to connect to open network with my phone I can access network directly without visiting EvilPortal page. What I am missing here?
  2. Charlie86

    non US key layout

    Hi, thanks! It works in Windows. In OS X I am still getting wrong keystrokes.
  3. Charlie86

    non US key layout

    Hi, How can I change key layout for rubber ducky I found correct language on this site https://github.com/hak5darren/USB-Rubber-Ducky/tree/master/Encoder/resources But now I have problem how to copy it to Ducky.
  4. Charlie86

    WiFi signal

    Hi, What program should I use to measure Wifi signal straight in real time. I want to mesure only one SSID, but I am not connected to it. I am using Kali and Alfa AWUS036NHA
  5. Charlie86

    injecting .exe

    Hi, I am trying to inject .exe file to Win7/10 virtual machine. Is there way to inject it via arp poisoning? I know I can do I with Beef but I need to hook browser first. Can I maybe hook browser with arp poisoning? Maybe with local DNS server and ARP poisoning combination? Any other idea? I use Kali. Only for educational purposes
  6. Charlie86

    WIndows information

    Hi, Is there any payload for BB, that can store system info to .txt file. I need to make a list of all computers in office and it will be nice if BB can extract: Windows version and product key Office version and product key List of hardware in PC
  7. Charlie86


    Hi, Thank you. I changed name to laZagne.exe. and also change path in script from /tools to /loot. Because content in tools folder is deleted automatically. It works well now. Is available any similar script, which is not detected by windows defender or AV?
  8. Charlie86


    Hi, I have little problem with passwordGrabber. First updated BB FW Then copyed files payload.txt payload.ps1 laZagne_x64.exe to switch1 folder I also copyed laZagne_x64.exe to tools folder Disable avast antivirus and plug it to Win 7 64bit. All I get is empty folder passwordgrabber in loot. What I am missing?
  9. Charlie86

    USB Recovery

    Hi, What is best program to recover data from broken USB stick. Stick is not shown in my computer and also not in Windows Disk Manager. It is shown in device manager as USB mass storage device. Is there anyway to recover data from it? I have Win 10, Win 7, OS X Sierra, FreeBSD 11.1 and Kali. Is there any good tool to recover data from USB sticks for those OSs? Thank you
  10. Charlie86

    BashBunny as mass storage

    thank you
  11. Charlie86

    BashBunny as mass storage

    Hi, Can Bash bunny act as hid an mass storage at same time like rubber ducky with twin ducky FW? Thanks
  12. Charlie86

    Hak5 store cupon code

    sorry double topic.
  13. Charlie86

    Hak5 store cupon code

    Hi, Where in hak5 store can I enter cupon code for 11% off? tnx