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  1. Hi. There was a show, I believe it was a Threatwire episode, in which Shannon introduced a web site for checking password hashes against an online database of known password leaks. I can't seem to find it, nor the video and, of course I forgot to bookmark any of the two at that time! Can anyone help and post a link to that video, please? Thanks a lot in advance.
  2. Thanks for your lights, digininja. This said, you've explained how pointless it is on a usability standpoint. I'd like to know more about the security aspects. Like is it pointless even as a security measure given all the other back-doors, known and unknown? You see, I'm not the kind of "give in without thinking twice".
  3. Hi all. I'm a newcomer on Hak5 forum but have been following the channel on Youtube for a little while now. I'm a (moderate) fan. I've been an IT person for about 20 years now and all aspects of security do matter to me. In a previous job I was watching the network security and providing users with common good practices. Although I'm no expert I try my best to act as responsibly as can be, leaving room for improvement — I guess there's plenty of it... For several years now the growing number of security flaws, exploits, vulnerabilities and hacks that have been reported through t
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