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  1. Hello again, @GermanNoob, @Rinilyn , @Dave-ee Jones , @PoSHMagiC0de and greetings to my fellow aliens. What I initial hoped to do was to place a folder with the images in the same switch as the code and open the folder with some programming voodoo (when the BashBunny is inserted), so the images can be selected at will.I gather though, from the suggestions here, that this is not possible. I again thank you for putting your minds to this. As an amoeba-noob (had to distinguish myself from @GermanNoob, who is far beyond my noobness), your suggestions and critiques have set me in new directions and understandings. Since a relative small number of people respond to these chats, I am positive that there are many out there reading these thoughts and leaning from them as well. Regards, Samyo
  2. Hello, and a big thank you GermanNoob, Rinilyn, Dave-ee Jones, PoSHMagiC0de for your contribution to the solution. Rinilyn is correct in that the user will be passed the USB to view the pictures. I'm hoping I can use your input and device a solution. ALL your input has been very valuable to me in further understanding the BB and its functions. I sincerely thank you all. Regards, Samyo
  3. Hello, Can someone please help me code the following. Upon inserting the BB, I would like a folder to open with my pictures in it (not copied into the target), so someone could look at them. While this is happening I want to run a script (that part is fine). This is on a Windoze 10 system. I am also very happy for a direction to this info. Thank you in advance.
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