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  1. Hello, Picked up a new Pineapple TETRA and have run into a strange problem. I have setup the Management SSID and connected to it with no issues. I currently have an Ethernet cable connected to the device which is connected to my Internet access point. When connected to the Management SSID, I can download bulletins and updates so I have confirmed the network is working properly. However, I am having an issue with the Open SSID. I set the SSID to Testing (Also tried a few other names) and unchecked Hide Open SSID. I can see the SSID broadcasting but when I attempt to connect to it via a laptop or mobile device, I am unable. The message I receive is "Can't connect to this network". Clearly I have missed something that is probably ridiculously obvious and I have also tried a factory reset. I have older pineapples and have no run into this issue. Any help / suggestions would be greatly appreciated. -Jim
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