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  1. Hello, I have been struggling with someone hacking into my home modem for the last couple of years. I normally telecommute 1/2 of the week. I started noticing weird network behavior on my DirectTV/Internet. I recently purchased Ubiquity Unfi equipment to help narrow down the problem. Upon installation, I realized that this person has visually eyes : ISP provider was here installing new equipment . However, soon as he started packing his truck, the Modem was being reconfigured (yellow lite) and the only connection was DirectTV. So I purchased the wifi pineapple terra. I am a programmer/NOT a network expert, just someone who wants to work from the house. Below outlines my equipment, I really need help on how to fix my modem. Pace Modem 5286ac DirectTV (this is what they are hacking to get) Mac Mini Several IPhone's Several Windows PC I purchased the Wifi Pineapple Tetra but need some help on how to approach this. Can someone please help? I just want to telecommute securely:(
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