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  1. My aim is to crack some passwords in an online game gokickoff.com. I have changed the passwords of my teams but forgot it and now can't login back in my teams. I've registered these teams long time ago and email addresses which I registered the teams are no longer available and can't request the passwords via email. I'm a completely newbie in hacking and watched some tips and videos in youtube but I'm afraid I put wrong comands in THC-Hydra and can't run the program. Can somebody visit this website gokickoff.com and just tell me exact commands that I should put in THC-Hydra? It will be much appreciated!
  2. Thank you very much for your reply. Unfortunatelly, my OS is Windows 7. Regards.
  3. Hello, Can somebody help me with using THC-Hydra on Windows 7, please? I managed to download and run it on cmd.exe but I'm completely newbie in bruteforcing. My aim is to crack passwords in online browser game gokickoff.com. I found some tips in google, watched some videos in youtube but still can't run it. I have downloaded this large password file https://weakpass.com/wordlist/1802 renamed it to wordlist.txt but when I attempt to use it in cmd.exe it's showing me ''file for passwords not found''. Where I'm wrong? It will be much appreciated if somebody can help me.
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