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  1. I was playing around with my hub, and was able to get multiple bluetooth radios working on the owl at the same time. I'd test with a 802.11x NIC, but I don't have one that plays nice with the owl. This can be great for applications like wardriving, when you want to have multiple cards to reduce channel hopping, as well as a GPS for kismet. With the usb passthrough, you don't even have to give up your phone charger port while powering the owl. Once I procure a gps module and a few 802.11 cards that actually work, I'll see what I can do about working up an actual payload to take advantage of this. Wallet needs to recover from defcon.
  2. So, in the documentation. it reads like the port closest to the pigtail is nothing more than a usb passthrough. So I cant use it to collect data through that port (for example, like a keylogger) or to connect another radio to it?
  3. It serves a different purpose. The pineapple is a network MITM. You can use it for other things, but out of the box, you can plug it in and start redirecting people on whatever network you're on with relative ease. The signal owl is more of a signal intelligence tool. For example you can hook a GPS up to it, and a couple extra 2.4/5ghz NICs to it and go wardriving, or some bluetooth radios, and pop it in a bag with a battery pack and go walk around the mall to collect intel on who frequents the area at certain times. Pop an SDR on it, then connect it to a network, and you can monitor the airwaves remotely through c2.
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