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  1. C2 community version 2.1.1 and nano 2.6.2 do not work. No recon data reaches C2, and ssh from C2 to the nano is broken as well.
  2. I've read several suggestions here, and I'm still unable to get any client to connect to PineAP. I've tried a few scenarios, including installing the extra USB WLAN dongle shipped with the nano tactical set. I can connect to the Pineapple's admin interface via WLAN. The Pineapple has internet connectivity via WLAN2 (the dongle). I've configured PineAP to have a few different SSIDs, turned on all the options (including allow associations), and I'm unable to connect to them using either my windows laptop or my iPhone. I've tested with the Pineapple connected to my PC, an
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