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  1. Hi, Could you be more specific about what goes wrong? I'm a BB newbie as well, but generally speaking it is difficult to explain why software is going wrong without a precise description of the behaviour... ;) Apparently, you seem to be partially in the same case as me: MacOS + local keyboard layout (cf. the topic I recently opened about my problem). At this point, I would say the xx.json files that are available do not fit well exotic setups like a Mac with a non QWERTY keyboard. I have not tested yet on PC setups, but it could easily explain a failure on a lot of payloads relying on simulation of a HID keyboard. Tschüss, S3te3c
  2. Hi, I spent quite some time fiddling around my BB, plugged on a Macbook with a french layout, I now understand setting DUCKY_LANG to "fr" is not enough, and that I probably have to define a specific language file, but I still get strange results. IN CONFIG.TXT: DUCKY_LANG fr IN FR.JSON (there are lots more lines !): "!":"00,00,25", "=":"00,00,38", IN PAYLOAD: # ISO (European) Apple keyboard ATTACKMODE HID VID_0x05ac PID_0x0273 STORAGE LED ATTACK RUN OSX textedit Q ENTER Q DELAY 500 Q TAB Q TAB Q TAB Q TAB Q TAB Q TAB Q SPACE Q ENTER Q STRING exclamation mark:! Q ENTER Q STRING equals sign:= Q ENTER Q STRING keycode 00,00,25: Q KEYCODE 00,00,25 Q ENTER Q STRING keycode 00,00,2e: Q KEYCODE 00,00,2e Q ENTER Q STRING keycode 00,00,38: Q KEYCODE 00,00,38 Q ENTER Q STRING keycode 00,00,56: Q KEYCODE 00,00,56 sync LED FINISH IN RESULTS : As you can see, the exclamation mark and equals sign are not correctly interpreted, despite the (apparently) correct translation table in fr.json. Any idea? Best regards, S3t3c
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