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  1. Hi I am in the same position as 'Johnny Network', I have an AWUS036ACM with definitely has the MT7612U chipset and appears as wlan3. I am guessing wlan1 is used by Recon as I can see it in promiscuous mode wlan1mon I think the question both 'Johnny network' and I have is --- How do we use wlan3 for recon ? I am guessing the response will be something like, use the command line and put wlan3 into promiscuous mode (maybe airmon-ng start wlan3, after airmon-ng check kill) But, how do we convince recon to use wlan3mon instead of wlan1mon ? i've tried the above and stopping wlan
  2. Recon, not working in this Beta, throws error 1 Roll back to V1.0.0 works fine
  3. And for those on windows (assuming you have Putty installed) coz you ain't got SCP ! for STEP 3 use ......... PSCP c:\somedirectory\turtle-4.bin root@ turtle-4.bin when I did an update Dec '17
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