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  1. This is great news, but in which section in wireless (line 2 in the snippet above) does the 'option ifname 'wlan3' get added or modified ?, all the rest makes sense to me Thanks in advance
  2. Hi I am in the same position as 'Johnny Network', I have an AWUS036ACM with definitely has the MT7612U chipset and appears as wlan3. I am guessing wlan1 is used by Recon as I can see it in promiscuous mode wlan1mon I think the question both 'Johnny network' and I have is --- How do we use wlan3 for recon ? I am guessing the response will be something like, use the command line and put wlan3 into promiscuous mode (maybe airmon-ng start wlan3, after airmon-ng check kill) But, how do we convince recon to use wlan3mon instead of wlan1mon ? i've tried the above and stopping wlan1mon (airmon-ng stop wlan1mon) to no avail. And, how do we do whatever needs to be done automatically (or even manually after boot) Fingers crossed Keith
  3. Recon, not working in this Beta, throws error 1 Roll back to V1.0.0 works fine
  4. And for those on windows (assuming you have Putty installed) coz you ain't got SCP ! for STEP 3 use ......... PSCP c:\somedirectory\turtle-4.bin root@ turtle-4.bin when I did an update Dec '17
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