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  1. Hi, How would one know what Algorithm is being used (i.e. NTLM, MD4, etc.) for the Hash? Does it depend on the type of machine (Windows 10, Mac OS, Linux,) or something entirely different? Please advise.
  2. Hi Guys, So, i'm in the secure setup loop of hell at the moment. I am being prompted to disable or enable the wifi to continue automatically. When I do this I keep getting the amber light. I have tried everything. I think this firmware is not loading properly. Any help would be appreciated. Regards,
  3. Hey Guys, Dwall works two ways for me. The first is it records the URL, cookies, etc., but Dwall does not allow for the client computer to connect through the pineapple to receive any of the requested information from the site. The other is thing that happens, is the browser receives the search request, but fails to log in the information of this request in Dwall. For me, I can not get the URL of the client browser to be logged in Dwall, while permitting the client computer the acces to the URL it requested. Is this just the way Dwall functions? Or do I have an issue? Please Advise. Thank you.
  4. Well. Everything seems to be set up, but I can’t download the wifipineapple bulletins or the Modules. I tried through the web page 172.... but no connection. The problem I suspect is with ICS? Please Advise.
  5. Hey Guys, I’m not sure what’s going on. Weird stuff. The ICS is causing problems with Windows and the Pineapple Tetra. How do I upload screen shots? I’m not sure if my ISP is just not letting me ICS. They said the modem/router is bridged.
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