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  1. scp username@ipaddress:/file/to/get/*.ovpn /where/to/put/*ovpn should work fine. failing that if you are on a Windows PC try Winscp to transfer the *.ovpn file
  2. Can you guys check over this Payload for me as i'm getting mixed results. sometimes working sometimes not. I'm tryinf to combine the OpenVPN standard payload that comes with the Squirrel with a bit of code written by @PixL which enables the Wifi access point on the Squirrel (with an adaptor). So im trying to connect to the Wifi access point that created and then route the traffic through the VPN. here the Payload. #!/bin/bash # # Title: Wifi OpenVPN access point # Description: Create a connection to a VPN-connection to an OpenVPN-server and creates a Wifi ac
  3. problem sorted, had to chmod the payload before it would work
  4. yeah the script works fine for me apart from i cant run it on a switch for some reason, Like i said runs fine from the terminal but if i assign it either to switch one, two or three it starts to run and the i get a red LED and no "Squirrel" wifi is created
  5. Using @PixL payload from above, ive added "ifconfig wlan0 up" as it does not detect the wifi adaptor otherwise. But the payload still does not work for me, am i missing something. #!/bin/bash LED SETUP ifconfig wlan0 up uci set wireless.@wifi-iface[0].encryption=psk2 uci set wireless.@wifi-iface[0].key="hak5squirrel" uci set wireless.@wifi-iface[0].ssid="Squirrel" uci commit wireless uci set wireless.radio0.disabled=0 & uci set wireless.radio1.disabled=0 & uci set wireless.radio2.disabled=0 & uci set wireless.radio3.disabled=0 & LED ATTACK wifi LE
  6. Your totally right, anyway im off to get my eyes tested!
  7. Yes but not the default ones that ship with the squirrel, they are not in the payloads or library folder?
  8. Thanks guys but the ones linked below are just empty payloads ill use the copy from Darren's fork.
  9. Does anybody know where the original 3 payload are that come with the squirrel, i need a copy of the open vpn payload but cant seem to find it anywhere. Have looked on Github and cant see them on there. dont really want to reflash the squirrel just to get them. Am i missing something obvious??
  10. By having the squirrel acting as a seperate WiFi access point, to my WiFi router are we able to connect to it and route the wireless traffic through the openVpn
  11. Managed to get an AP up and running using this, but stuck on how to tunnel the wireless traffic through the openvp. So i can have the Squirrel sat on to my router and then could connect to either the wifi AP or the WIfi VPN AP. ?? If that makes any sense !
  12. I'm sure Seb mentioned there is an openwrt wiki with instructions on how to get the WiFi connected. Not tried myself as yet to busy with work untill the weekend.
  13. So would this be possible to tunnel WiFi traffic through the vpn, as a encrypted access point. Only just received my squirrel but don't have a compatible WiFi dongle.
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