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  1. My original plan for the Screen crab was as a remote video feed to create a KVM for servers. However since finding out that it doesn't actually support live streaming video, this won't work as originally advertised. So instead of using CloudC2, Would it be possible to set it up as a RTSP server then feeding in the captured video? That way I could still connect and view the captured video though VLC and be able to use the KeyCroc to send keyboard input? The whole idea would be to create a mobile KVM that is half the price of commercial offerings that doesn't rely on Java like they do.
  2. Is it possible to have a web server on the network side of the Packet Squirrel? It would be nice to create a tool similar to the NetScout NetSprinter that could be used for network diagnostics including LLDP. Could you attach a wireless adapter and have it run an access point as well?
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