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  1. Hey I'd like to see an episode on things we [listeners] can/should do for internal security on our own home networks. I dug through old episodes but I don't remember a topic like this coming up. For example, how to validate and bypass an evil twin attack. Yesterday my power went out at home for a moment. The Peplink balance, internal router, and surfboard were on battery backup but when other stuff was coming back up [and connecting to the internal wifi] I thought to myself, "this is exactly how I'd get into a wifi network. Add an evil twin box outside a house, drop the power, let it record as stuff came back up". I know how to check for that specific scenario, but there's probably other big attacks out there I'm not aware of. Or just making listeners aware that they should, and WHEN to check for stuff. Or any other things to watch for. Obviously don't put a found USB stick into a networked box. :)